Consultation Nation

Because opinion matters

Consultation Nation is designed with accessibility built in, to allow you to collect everyone's feedback easily and effectively.

Present your plans, policies or proposals in a compelling, interactive way. Consultation Nation can be used alongside traditional, offline consultation methods allowing greater numbers to participate and greater flexibility.

The platform supports both 2D and 3D formats so you can share your ideas in the way most suitable to bring them to life. Make the experience more engaging by taking your users to a particular place allowing them to better visualise your ideas in context.

So whether you need to showcase your plans to external stakeholders, or gain feedback from your staff or member organisations, we have the tools to help you do so.

Gather real feedback

Collect meaningful data in real time

Using Consultation Nation’s qualitative and quantitative survey methods: snap polls, interactive maps and questionnaires that can be text and / or image led.

Data and analytics

Gain powerful insights into how visitors engage with your project through our regular, in depth performance reports.

Feedback tools

Polls I Surveys I Collaborative ideas walls I Participatory budgeting I Interactive maps

Customisable consultation

Because no two projects are the same.

Consultation Nation has been designed so you can use any combination of elements you require at any point during the lifetime of your project.

Every element can be designed to match your organisation’s branding or the branding of your project.

More than one project? 

No problem, you can have as many projects live as you need for as long as you need.

Safe and secure

Our sites are continuously maintained with full security as standard to ensure the safety of your data. 

All Consultation Nation projects are also optimised for speed to ensure a smooth user experience.

Your project can also be integrated with your existing systems, such as your CRM to ensure efficient data management. 

Bring your project to life!